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Who we are


Fornitures since 1978....

Our customers, in all these years of qualified experience in furnishing, more and more satisfied and faithful, now recognize us as a point of reference for the best solutions of Italian furniture design.

COLAMUSSI DESIGN, manages to bring together in its staff a marked experience and a perfect union between the high quality and aesthetics of its products, the result of so much professionalism at the service of its customers.

The founder

Antonio Colamussi with his insatiable entrepreneurship immediately invested in one of his most important passions, the forniture

His goal was first and foremost to choose the best names in Italian design to make a new environment exceptionally appealing and make sure that he was thrilling everyone's life.

New ideas

We are in the second generation and with Maddalena Colamussi

the only-born of Antonio and his wife Santina Ottomano, who increasingly feels the need to personalize every environment, to adapt it to the different needs of space, style, life and necessity... in other words, to make it architecturally welcoming, giving a strong design imprint.


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